Black Swan Folk Club

E-Newsletter 209

23rd January 2017

 Our next full bulletin is still scheduled for early February but meanwhile here are a few brief updates.

1.        WINTER FOLK DAY CHANGES, 29th JANUARY.  There have been a couple of changes to the line-up for the Residents Festival Winter Folk Day next Sunday.  Firstly, Ian Pybus is indisposed and has had to pull out.  In his place at 5pm we have Two Black Sheep & A Stallion. Ron, Martin and Pete should give us a rousing finale to the afternoon concert.  And in the evening session, Stan Graham’s 9.30pm solo spot will now be followed at 10pm by the as-yet unnamed Black Swan “boy band”, with Chris Euesden, Phil Cerny and Eddie Affleck joining Stan to round off the day. The four of them have been busily rehearsing for the last couple of weeks, they tell me.
2.        JUST A HANDFUL OF TICKETS LEFT FOR STEVE KNIGHTLEY, 3rd FEBRUARY. Following discussions about stage size and PA layout we have been able to increase the seating capacity for Steve Knightley’s solo show at the Early Music Centre a week on Friday, but even so there were only 9 tickets left as of this morning (Monday) – from or during office hours on 01904 658338.  Also, ticket holders are reminded that there is no support act for this one - Steve will be on stage at 7.30pm.
3.        MORE CLUB NIGHTS ADDED AT WEGOTTICKETS.  In response, as they say, “to popular demand”, I have added three more Thursday night events to those on sale at ticketing website  These areMiranda Sykes’ solo appearance on 25th May, the debut of celebrated singer-songwriter Reg Meurosson 8th June and a rare small club show by veteran British blues guitarist and singer Dave Kelly on 15th June.
4.        SOME OTHER CLUB NIGHTS SELLING WELL.  Lastly, I’ll just tip you off that several much nearer-in-time club functions are selling well.  More than half the available tickets have now gone for the visits by Flossie Malavialle this week (26th), byAllan Taylor (9th February) and by The Churchfitters (2nd March).  Also selling strongly are the Sunday Special with Scottish group The Kaela Rowan Band (12th February, with Sarah Dean now lined up as support act) and the York debut of Worry Dolls (23rd February).