Black Swan Folk Club

E-Newsletter 218

21st September 2017

Thanks to a deceased router I have been off-line for most of the last week and as a consequence the next Newsletter, planned for mid-September, has been delayed.So here instead is a brief reminder about tonight’s club event:

Tom McConville & Andy Watt – Tonight, 21st September

There are still plenty of tickets left for this week’s club guest, the celebrated Geordie fiddle player and singer Tom McConville, who will be accompanied on guitar by Andy Watt.

Tom has been a professional musician since 1974 and has appeared at our club numerous times over the years – in an early duo with Kiera Halpin, in the band Dab Hand, in his long-running double act with Northumbrian piper Pauline Cato, and with guitar accompanists such as Chris Newman, Sean Lakeman, David Newey and most recently Andy Watt. Whatever the format, he has never failed to delight his audience.

Rather than me rabbit on any further about how good Tom is, here are just a few “folk celebrity” endorsements:

     “Tom is a great player, and a terrific singer, he also happens to be a number one bloke too. Tom plays as Tom is, with honesty and passion, and an obvious love for the fiddle and traditional music.” - Dave Swarbrick

     “One of the greatest violinists I've ever heard and by far the biggest influence in my music - A true master.” - Seth Lakeman

     “I hold Tom McConville in the highest esteem and he is, in the tradition of fine musicians to come from Newcastle - a rare talent.” - Barbara Dickson

     "When my schoolmates had boy bands on their Walkmans, I was listening to Tom McConville.” - Kate Rusby

Tickets will be available when doors open at 7.45pm, priced at £11 or for students £5.50. Eddie Affleck will be compere and the expected floor singers are Judith Haswell, Toni Bunnell and Ian Pybus.

A full Newsletter should follow before the end of the month.